"Literacy in the Digital Age" "Reduce Summer Learning Loss" and "Close Achievement Gap"

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We are fundraising to help children in Camden attain academic success in literacy and STEM-based learning

Partnered with key stakeholders: Cisco, Rutgers University- Camden, Camden School District, ETS, and South Jersey STEM Network Ecosystems, we will deliver a contextual learning experience in work-based learning for middle to high school students. It is well reported that work-based skills are changing as more and more jobs are displaced by digital technologies. Software, apps and online technology companies such as Uber, Airbnb, Legal Zoom and TurboTax to name a few, has already had an impact on many professions. Online shopping has eliminated tens of thousands of retail store positions. And with self-driving vehicles on the way, how many taxi, trucking, express delivery-and even aviation jobs-will go the way of the telephone switchboard operator? If history is a reliable guide, the technologies that are eliminating one set of jobs will CREATE others: jobs that require twenty-first century-mainly digital-skills.

The rate of speed of innovation today requires youth in this 21st century to learn skills today - for jobs that do not yet exist! Your generous giving will help us prepare youth in underserved communities thrive in the new knowledge-based economy.

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